Our Multi-Use "Wing Protectors"

We designed this product with working on your car in mind. We wanted to create something that protected your car, the paint, and the body work while you were in the engine. Designed with our logo set in white on our purple background it did exactly what we intended.

However, it did so much more too!

We have had comments that people use them as a boot mat, floor well protectors, seat protectors but outside of the vehicle and the garage people have been using them for even wilder things!

Yoga mats, dog beds, outdoor furniture seating, picnic blankets, baby changing mat, etc.

We've now expanded the range to include 20 colours so let your imagination run wild, what will you use yours for?

Manufactured in our warehouse in Ruabon, Wrexham we want to thank you for supporting UK manufacturing.

Pick your colour here!

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