Protect your Dacia with Turtle Covers.  We offer high quality Dacia seat covers to protect your Dacia from dirt, grime, spillages, wear, tear and more.

With prices from only £46, we are a leading supplier of car and van seat covers in the UK.

Quality Guaranteed

We base our reputation first and foremost on the quality of our goods. Our Dacia seat covers are made to the highest standard by our team of experienced machinists at our premises in the UK where we make them only with UK sourced durable textiles to meet our customers preferences and standards.  

Our experienced team of machinists take the upmost care and attention to guarantee quality and customer satisfaction by making all of our covers by hand, taking responsibility for stitching each set of covers from start to finish.

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our Dacia seat covers that we offer a double guarantee on all of our products offering 2 years against manufacturing defects and a 3 month satisfaction guarantee should you wish to return your product for an exchange or refund, even if you have been using your products during that period of time.  

Turtle covers machinist

100% Waterproof and Durable

All of our Dacia seat covers are made from 600 denier hard wearing waterproof Polyurethane backed polyester. We use this material because compared to many alternatives such as nylon, it is less susceptible to fade and static electricity and keeps it shape better in fluctuating temperatures.

This type of material also has a more pronounced weave helping it to be more comfortable to sit on and less shiny and sweaty as you often find with conventional nylon-based alternatives.

The waterproof coating we use for all of our covers, including our Dacia seat covers is polyurethane (PU) based rather than a PVC coating which are more susceptible to cracking and becoming detached from the fabric as it flexes from being sat on. However, PU coatings vary in quality with some alternatives claiming they are waterproof simply because they have a light PU coating, but are not.  Here at Turtle covers we use a hydrostatic head of 3 metres in comparison to some other manufacturers who only using a hydrostatic head of 600mm.

Why compromise on quality when you can get the best at affordable prices?

Waterproof polyurethane material The Perfect Fit for Your Dacia

Our Dacia seat covers are properly tailored for the model we advertise them for so you can be 100% sure your Dacia seat covers provide the perfect fit for your exact Dacia model.

Simply choose the model of your Dacia from the menu when ordering with your required colour and we will do the rest!

 Key Points of Our Dacia Seat Covers

  • Available for Front and rear seats
  • Suitable for models with side airbags
  • On the front seats all exposed material is covered 
  • On the rear seats the back of the seat is exposed
  • Tailored to fit Dacia Duster 2013-2018 and 2018+
  • 100% waterproof
  • Not compatible with ISOFIX
  • Left and right hand drive option available
  • Available in black or grey

 Free Delivery

All our Dacia seat covers are delivered free within the UK.  We also offer an express postage option and various shipping rates for international orders.

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Protect your Dacia today with our tailored Dacia seat covers – ‘Turtley awesome’ covers at affordable prices.

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